Project Overview

As the owner of Middle Dam, Brookfield White Pine Hydro, LLC is required to meet certain dam safety criteria mandated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) license issued in 2002 to operate and maintain the facility. Middle Dam is a circa 1850s dam that has undergone numerous repair and upgrade efforts during its lifetime. The facility must undergo future repairs to meet FERC dam safety requirements. After evaluating both replacement and in-kind repair options, Brookfield White Pine Hydro, LLC, has determined to pursue a repair, which will minimize stakeholder and environmental impacts. Continued detailed on-site inspections, consultation, and coordination with FERC engineers, and an Independent Engineer, along with ongoing discussions with stakeholders have resulted in making this determination. Specifically, the repair project will meet the dam safety criteria of accommodating Inflow Design Flood (IDF). We do not anticipate significant impacts to recreational and fishing access, or aquatic habitat with the repair option. The piers, aquatic habitat, and access to the pool are expected to remain as is following the repair efforts.

What's new

The latest update from Brookfield Renewable includes recent developments with permitting for the Middle Dam Repair Project as well as provide an overview of necessary maintenance work scheduled for January 2020. As previously stated, the change from a reconstruction project to a repair of the existing structure significantly minimizes the scope of work and impacts to the environment and local stakeholders. With the material change expected to result in fewer permit requirements, Brookfield Renewable will be withdrawing its HP30 permit with the Maine Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC). On December 19, Brookfield White Pine Hydro, LLC, filed a letter with the LUPC to notify the agency of the intent to withdraw and refile a new application. A copy of this letter is available on the Documents section of this webpage. A new permit application for the reduced scope of work, mainly pertaining to temporary staging areas will be submitted in early 2020. In the meantime, minor maintenance activities will take place starting in mid-January through April at Middle Dam. The scope of maintenance work includes rebuilding the gatehouse floors, installing new gates of the same size, repairing the piers, and replacing concrete logs where necessary. This maintenance work will not change the footprint of the existing structure, nor will it alter the overall aesthetics of the facility. Some of the maintenance work is expected to take place seven days a week and after dusk; however, the timing will vary throughout the duration of this project phase. Due to weather conditions, this timeline is subject to change. During the 2020 maintenance work, vehicle and snowmobile crossing and foot traffic at the dam bridge may be limited for safety purposes, and delays may occasionally occur. Should there be any significant changes to the winter maintenance timeline or scope, stakeholders will be notified accordingly. Brookfield Renewable will continue to update this website to keep stakeholders apprised of the activities and schedule.

About Middle Dam Repair Project

Public Safety

During Construction

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